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  Print Monopoly (PM) 2007 Independent Long Island (001003-00001)
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On 7 October 2007 the Governor of Independent Long Island, in his rather limited recognition and sovereign power, declared war on the illegitimate and tyrannical government of Myanmar.

The whole world has been reading of the violence against unarmed Burmese civilians and monks since late September 2007.

The whole world was shown unmistakable evidence of the atrocities being committed via satellite images.

The whole world saw Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai get shot like a dog by a soldier who didn't have army boots, but somehow did not lack a gun, and complete disregard for human life, and the whole world has done little more than watch.

Finally, the whole world, even the United Nations, witnessed the shutting down of the Internet by the criminal military junta.

No Gen. Than Shwe!

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Buddhist monks can never die
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The United States, the self-declared "leader of the free world", and ICANN, a US government monopoly illegally established by the US Department of Commerce, have also done nothing. We believe that if the country of Burma had been full of oil, rather than full of Buddhist monks, the United States would have intervened, not so much to protect freedom, as it doesn't care about that anymore than Russia does these days, but to protect the oil revenues it now heavily depends on since it imports virtually everything, and exports only military bases, corporate fascism, and economic and medical pseudoscience. logo
  • Petition to initiate lawsuit against General Than Shwe and his SPDC military officials
  • Petition to send US, French, & UK Troops to Burma as soon as possible
  • Petition to send UN troops for the people of Burma instead of UN envoy

  • The Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini, Governor of Independent Long Island, certainly holds no monopoly on force as the US government. However, he decided that he was not going to simply stand by, and do nothing, while freedom of religion and speech — both hollowed rights enshrined under the First Amendment of the US Constitution — are subjected to repeated violations by the criminal government of the so-called country of "Myanmar".

    So the Governor of Independent Long Island, who is also a legally ordained Bishop of the Cesidian Church, re-baptised the whole country with the new name of Burma, and then he had Burma recognised by the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), a not so insignificant international professional organisation. Cesidian Church baptisms may be fully valid even under a Buddhist or Christian perspective, since Cesidians regard both the Buddha and the Christ as holy, and believe that the two are actually the same soul, so they baptise under the authority of both the Buddha and the Christ.

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    The Governor then proceeded to create the Burma Internet Liberation Organisation (BILO), and its affiliated organisation the Burmese Network Information Centre (BNIC), and also had those organisations registered with the MPR.

    Then he had officers of the Cesidian Root create the .BU Top-Level Domain (TLD) for the first time in history, a TLD which is now working in the Cesidian Root, and that fully represents the country of Burma. This TLD also replaces, independent of the "Myanmar" criminal government, the .MM Top-Level Domain, which has recently disappeared from the DNS. The Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini not only considers this a violation of the most basic freedoms granted under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, but also a deplorable violation of the jus cerebri electronici legal principle of Cesidian law.

    The future coming of Maitreya

    Any enemy of Cesidian law, the highest law known to man, and the very law that allows the Internet to function, is a de facto and de jure enemy of the Governor of Independent Long Island. So the Governor launched his Internet Perestroika, a DNS restructuring program which seeks to preserve both Cesidian law, and the freedom of the People of Burma, and he formally declared war on the illegitimate and tyrannical government of Myanmar.

    The Burma Internet Liberation Organisation (BILO) now seeks companies and organisations worldwide that are willing to support this effort, and that are willing to provide free services to the People of Burma as well.